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Together with Renato Borghetti, his Quartett and „Wandermusikanten“ in a musical-solistic dialogue at the Casa da Musica in Porto Alegre/Brazil.
Vibes and Beat Control at SWR3 goes clubbing without the UV-Look.
Timbales Solo with „De Corazon“ playing the music of Santana.
Djembe with Angie Taylor to hard Techno Beats at Popakademie Mannheim
The „HammerTwintett“ - during a videoshoot of SWRs´“Last Christmas“ Bandcollage this fabulous photo came to existance, which decorates also our CD „Backblech 2“.
Caught in the act - multi-percussion photographically captured great.
With John Jones at a glamourous Hed Kandi Party.
With HammerTwintett at a cult-event in advent - groove and fun also possible at lower temperature.
The brazilian surdo used unconventional and solistic - to southern-american gaucho-jazz in Porto Alegre/Brazil.