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On order compositions


  • Bands/BigBand/Orchestra
  • Industry compositions
  • Radio and TV


Excerpt: Compositions for radio and TV


  • Der Räuber Hotzenplotz 1 - 3 (WDR)
  • Der Räuber Hotzenplotz und die Mondrakete (WDR)
  • Thilo Wolf Big Band
  • Lit.Cologne (ARD/1Festival)
  • Die Schöpfung (WDR)
  • Wir können noch viel zusammen machen (WDR)
  • Das Triumvirat hext, Bloß weg hier (WDR)
  • Fröhlicher Weinberg (SWR)
  • and more.





Percussion-recording: suited for all producers, composers, bands

and all musicians who wish to refine their productions, demos, commercial- or film-music with experienced percussion arrangements.

This interaction can be completely executed via Internet.

No traffic expenses, studio renting, technician costs etc.

Percussion-recording rearranges individual compositions and percussion arrangements. If required, composing and arranging according to customer wishes and conceptions is possible, as well as on order tasking.

The generous acoustic instruments offer consists of congas, bongos, udu, talking drum, shakers, timbales, cowbells, claves etc. and electronic samples which are played live via pads.


Discretion about unpublished compositions is of topmost priority.





On order compositions and –productions are realized at the recording studio, employing a:


multiformat-productionsystem quadcore:

integrated harddisc-recording-mixing-system


audio & midi recording/editing with video track optimized for recording & 9.1 mixing;

16 analog in/out on sx-48converters; up12 microphone preamps,

logic studio 9;

monitoring: Quadral, JBL, Celestion ; Microphones: Neumann, Sennheiser





  • Simply by data communications (internet), i.e., mp3s, notes, melody descriptions, ...
  • Propositions for putting things into practice (like instrumentation, presentation) will be prepared, if required
  • A quotation giving an estimate of time required and costs will be made available, if required
  • Recordings will start according to customer’s individual concept
  • For musical communication preliminary mp3 demo-mixes or final versions will be sent as wave-files via Internet (Dropbox)
  • Corrections and wishes are possible, if required




  • Fidula Verlag
  • Wavehouse Studio GmbH