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VITA | Thomas Hammer

1270 b.C.

An Aries baby listens to the acoustic world. Papa Karl-Heinz plays the drums with the Cry´n Strings in the beat era and puts his junior on the trip.



At the age of 3 Thomas tells his parents that he will be a musician.


73 – 87

Learning by listening, watching and doing

- Autodidactic studies

- Recorder, clarinet, guitar, drums with various instructors.


87 – 91

Percussion instruction by Hakim Ludin and autodidactic studies.


91 – 95

Music teaching and music didactical studies taking the 1. degree at the College of Education Karlsruhe. Drums by Hermann Mutschler.


95 – 99

Jazz and Popular Music studies an der State-run University for Music and Performing Arts Mannheim qualifying with the final diploma by Jose Cortijo, Keith Copeland and Tom van der Geld.


99 – 06

Engagements as free-lance musician, frequent journeys to

Cuba and New York, meeting among others Ralph Iryzarry,

Pancho Terry, Roberto Vizcaino.


06 – 07

Probationary training period to become a teacher for elementary and basic schools:

Didactics and methodics en masse



Back to Basics & Creatives

Living the life of a free-lance musician.

Live and/or in the studio

(CD/TV-productions) among other:


Hip Hop: J-Luv, Die Fantastischen Vier

House: John Jones, Sean Finn, Chris Montana, Jan Garcia

Ska: The Busters

R&B/Soul: J-Luv

Jazz: NDR-Big Band, Thilo Wolf Big Band, Rainer Tempel Big Band,

HR Big Band, Sunday Night Orchestra, Frank Foster, Maria Schneider.

Latin: Rhythm´Section of Paquito d´Riviera, Salsapura

World Music: Rüdiger Oppermanns Harp Attack, Maria Palatin

Ambient: Jazzamor, Fruchtig

Comedy: Chako Habekost

TV/Radio: ARD, ZDF, WDR, NDR, SWR, HR, BR, 1Festival. Sunshine Live.

Compositions for radio and TV:: ARD, WDR, SWR, 1Festival (z.B. Der Räuber Hotzenplotz, Lit.Cologne, Die Schöpfung, Wir können noch viel

zusammen machen, Schreinerei Fleischmann).

Percussion Ensemble: Together with Jose Cortijo, Michael Küttner, Hakim Ludin.




Theater: Stadttheater Heidelberg, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

Arts: Solo- and Comboperformances at various art performances

among others Keith Haring.

Industry: Sunshine Live, Sauber-Renault, Formel1, Red Bull, Aldiana, Siemens, BMW, Daimler Benz, BASF, Deutsche Bank, REWE, AWD

Festivals: TDK Time Warp, Jazzfestivals Toulon, Sylt, Prag, Enjoy Jazz

Hallen: Alte Oper/ Messehalle-Frankfurt, ICC-Berlin, Köln Arena,

Fabrik (HH)

Clubs: Gibson (F), MS Connexion, (MA), Vertigo (Zürich),

Perkins Park (S)

Parties: Hedkandi, SWR3 goes clubbing, Time Warp, City of Sounds

Gala/Event: Move-studioS GmbH, K3-Pool GmbH and more

Int. Shows and Tours: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Czechoslowakia, Romania, Tunesia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Russia, Slowakia

Newspaper comments

„The man with the golden hands.“



„Thomas Hammer - nomen est omen - celebrated percussion in perfection“

Mannheimer Morgen


„Thomas Hammer gave proof easily with his interesting but not overboarding percussion composition, that rhythm instruments are useable for much more than pure accompaniment. His aiming at times was forceful, then again ultimately tender…(“

Die Rheinpfalz


„Thomas Hammer produced breath-taking, overlapping and crossing-over rhythms.“

Pirmasenser Zeitung


„Thomas „king of the bongo“ Hammer completed the trio with high refinement on the drums: Whatever can be beat on, he had it with him and brought it to action gloriously. Small treasures like a triangle accompaniment made the music fan’s hearts swell.“

Heidenheimer Neue Presse. 14.06.2000

Young People Big Band

Believe in miracles

wavehouse 2018


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„Backblech 2“

Fizz Records 2016

(Christmas Jazz)


here on request

Chako Habekost

Schäni B´scherung 2


Comedyanten, 2012



„Wie Gott uns groove“


Purchased by www.wandermusikanten.de

Thilo Wolf Big Band

„Simply the best in music“ Limited Edition 2009


Die Neuen Wandermusikanten Auf den Straßen der Welt“  Personality Records 2009 (Mobile Music)

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„Vorsicht Heiß“

No Label 2005

(Christmas Jazz)


here on request

Acoustic Affaire


Jazz'n'Arts Records 2003


Purchased by  www.jazznarts.de

or at iTunes

Rainer Tempel Big Band  „Album 03“

Jazz'n'Arts Records 2002


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Fridge People

„Smling in the dark“ – Edition Musikat 2000


Purchased by www.fridgepeople.de

Schirin al Mousa

„Swing to Brasil“

 No Label 2000

 (Brasil/ Jazz)

Die Fantastischen Vier


Columbia 1999

(Hip Hop)

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Ensemble Brasil

The Music of Julio Barbosa“

No Label 1999


Rainer Tempel Big Band „Melodies of ´98“

 Jazz4ever records 1999


Purchased by www.rainertempel.de

United Vibes


No Label 1998

(Soul/Hip Hop)

Frank Foster & Jazzorchester der Musikhochschule

No Label 1997


The Signs

The Signs

Sunny Moon Records 1996 (Reggea)

Ulrike Kern

Silver Fountains

Inhouse Music 1996

(World Music)

Targa Novoje Mond Trio

Land Zmelja Maa

Markant Musik 1994


Ulrike Kern

Life in the Wind

House Master Records 1993 (World Music)


The robber Hotzenplotz and the moon rocket

The WDR audioplay leads children from the age of 5 to the world of robber Hotzenplotz

With Udo Wachtveitl, Waldemar Kobus, Max von der Groeben a.o. and atmospheric

music by HammerTwintett.


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UFO - Kein Mensch ist schnuppe (Musical)

UFO - is a musical for kids about love of adventure, desire of the unknown, falling stars

and wishes, loneliness and mourning, happiness and love. A trip throughout the cosmos of

human feelings.


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'The big robber Hotzenplotz box' by Otfried Preußler

All three parts in one CD-box! Read out by Michael Mendl, Dustin Semmelrogge, Alexander Wipprecht…, music by Thomas Hammer, Roland and Bernhard Vanecek. With robber Hotzenplotz Otfried Preußler created one of his most cherished characters. And until today young and old are enthusiastic about the worst robber of all time. Finally all three stories are available in a complete edition – set in scene with loving care by the WDR and with a marvellously grumpy Michael Mendl as Hotzenplotz. …© WDR 2010


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We can still do a lot together (Wir können noch viel zusammen machen) – F.K. Waechter - WDR

(radio play for children) – Radio play productions of Waechter’s price-winning stories are enthralling young and old. They are telling of good luck, friendship and differences, which are no obstacle but

a challenge. … © WDR 2008


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The Triumvirat casts a spell (‚Das Triumvirat hext’): WDR-Live Crime radio play

by Gisbert Haefs (author)

Narrators: Dietmar Mues ,Peter Fricke, Gert Haucke – music by Thomas Hammer,

Roland and Bernhard Vanecek. Director: Christian Pragua – The three old gentlemen

(the retired colonel, the vicar and the doctor) sit and cook up murder stories while

playing cards and drinking beer. An unsightly old lady has disappeared in the village…

© WDR 2007

Purchased by


Hotzenplotz 3 - by Otfried Preußler

Read out by Michael Mendl, Dustin Semmelrogge, Alexander Wipprecht…, music by

Thomas Hammer, Roland and Bernhard Vanecek. – In part three Hotzenplotz wishes to

hang his robber hat on the hook. But a former robber must live off something, too. … ©

WDR 2007


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News from robber Hotzenplotz (‚Neues vom Räuber Hotzenplotz’) - by Otfried Preußler

Read out by Michael Mendl, Dustin Semmelrogge, Alexander Wipprecht…, music by

Thomas Hammer, Roland and Bernhard Vanecek. – Iin part two the man with seven

knives is kidnapping grandmother. Kasperl and his friend Seppel set out to to put the

wild robber behind bars… © WDR 2006


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The robber Hotzenplotz (‚Der Räuber Hotzenplotz’) - by Otfried Preußler

Read out by Michael Mendl, Dustin Semmelrogge, Alexander Wipprecht…, music by

Thomas Hammer, Roland and Bernhard Vanecek. – In part one the robber Hotzenplotz

has stolen the coffee grinder of grandmother. Not only Sergeant Dimpfelmoser is on his

heels ... © WDR 2005


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Der Räuber Hotzenplotz live - by Otfried Preußler

A spectacular live-audioplay, produced and recorded by WDR at the ARD - Audioplay Days


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